Ok so basically our dogsitter,Trish, called us the other day and one of the dogs she cares for, Sissy, is in trouble. Her owner was put in a nursing home by her family, and her owners children refuse to care for her. Trish has begged the family for a few weeks to try to find Sissy a home because the family has threatened to take her to a shelter and have her destroyed. Trish has taken care of the dog without pay for about 2 weeks now and the family just told her to stop. She’s some kind of shep mix, about 35 pounds. She’s 15 years old, however she has no health problems, plays everytime she gets walked to the dog park, and loves kids and other dogs. She’s such a sweet dog and if we could keep her, we would. However, we already have 2. If you or someone you know can give her a home please leave me an ask, or signal boost, thanks!




aw help this doggie out and reblog this!!!!


dude I had the hugest crush on Oliver Wood

You can’t cancel Quidditch

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